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Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.
— Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves)

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I’d rather that people be freaked out by how much I say “I love you”, than for them to never hear it from me at all.
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i say “fight me” a lot for a girl who is 5”3’ and has a hard time opening some doors because they’re too heavy

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i have the worst friends | part 394


I. Two poets fall in love, and that’s when it gets ugly.

II. We go to dinner. You order the wine, red and burning, and it goes down like blood. We start with Shakespeare, move to Plath. You use alliteration to tell me that I’m ripping out your lungs with my metaphors, and I counteract with a hyperbole, say you’ve clogged my arteries with your similes. Don’t touch me with your dictionary, I want to say. Touch me with your hands.

III. The appetizers arrive. Bread as soft and brown as the flesh of your neck. Move to Emerson. Ask about God. Was Jesus this soft and brown? My Bible never told me about the strength in your apricot arms, your chestnut knuckles, this most divine truth resting under your skin. Move to Whitman. I envy the grass that licks your neck when you tumble down hills and watch the clouds. Touch me with your hands.

IV. The main course is a fawn’s heart seasoned with autumns and breaking. I eat more than you do. Move to Rilke. Write letters. When I tell you about the words, you say that you will die for ink and paper: I want you to break my neck. Move to Allen. Kiss the sunlight. Ask to live. Touch me with your hands.

V. Dessert is your mouth at three a.m., pulled over to the side of an empty, dark highway. Tell me you love me and it goes down like blood. Kiss my hip and it feels like dying. Don’t touch me with your dictionary. Touch me with your hands.

— Two Poets Fall In Love, And That’s When It Gets Ugly | d.a.s (via backshelfpoet)

Thomas Saliot
Deep Sleep Girl, 2014.


Thomas Saliot

Deep Sleep Girl, 2014.

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Lydia | The Exit (Acoustic)

I may not know how to tell you
that I love you, but I know
how to say that I want to plant
seeds in the wrinkles around
your eyes that you get when
you smile and I know that I
want to be around long enough
to see each seed bloom.
What I Almost Said to My Girlfriend Today, kpk (via pouvoires)

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my sister wants me to meet her at a bar
that has the word booze in its name (and)

I’ve already had two.five glasses of wine
on an empty stomach with an ex-boyfriend

whom I still love but the way (you) love a
dog or a brother or someone who will care

for (you) unconditionally or so (you) hope
(and) isn’t this how it always goes: me,

half-lit off cheap wine like the nineteen-
year-old I still think I am (and) aren’t I

over this dance: the waltz of the eternally
wandering, the skip and shuffle to what-

ever beat is heartbeating loud enough to
catch (you)r attention (and) hopefully (you)

'll never notice how I watch (you)r mouth
while (you)’re speaking (and) hopefully

(you) will never notice that I love (you) 
madly like the diseased, shaking, foaming

at the mouth, (and) I will never let (you) 
see me like this like this tonight I’d like

to see (you) I’d like to see (you) see (you)
let me see (you) like this.

- Sierra DeMulder

sometimes i wish people knew my tumblr existed, because i really think it’s the best representation of myself online. but then i always realize that’s a horrible idea for the exact same reason.

I don’t know if my life has ever been more stressful, but damn I love Willy Week. 


Twenty-five days into my changeover as Chief Justice, and there’s already a freshman transport at the first major party.

roommate appreciation post

dear natalie,

thanks for :

  • mothering me when i don’t take care of myself as well as i should
  • always listening to my long winded angry rants
  • your advice
  • encouraging me to be more social than i make an effort to be
  • trying various illegal substances with me
  • taking care of the playlists
  • initiating room cleanliness when i don’t notice we can’t see our desks
  • understanding all parts of the texas liberal struggle
  • roomie dates
  • letting me steal random staples, note cards, and other miscellaneous things i don’t think to own or misplace
  • co-parenting jibunny
  • helping with the random jones things you don’t care about
  • being able to interpret my unintelligible grunts, groans, and sighs
  • two am discussions
  • talking to me in general
  • teaching me to check the weather before getting dressed
  • dressing pretty
  • having pretty hair
  • being pretty
  • being a pretty person

regardless of how the senior meeting goes, i’ve had the loveliest roommate i could have asked for the past two years and look forward to our third year together. <3

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